Year 11 students at Thompson House visited HTP Training this morning to inspire their post 16 options. The facilities there are fantastic and a big thank-you to staff at HTP for making us feel welcome and thank-you to our students for their mature attitude towards future education and training. For more information and applications please

Our student blog for Thompson House students is now up and running. Please visit to catch up with some great blogs written by our students. Posts range from weekly updates on learning to some profound and thought provoking posts on the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. The kidblog site is totally secure. No personal information

Students in Thompson House took part in a special holocaust remembrance lesson today. We are very proud of all our students for their mature attitude towards this topic. We will endeavour to update this post with examples of their work. Many thanks to Julia for organising and leading the session. Tobie

We have had a very hectic and productive term with students making some excellent progress. There has been many developments in the centre since September and we are continuing to make some rapid improvements to our student offer…