Art at the ILC offers a broad range of practical activities focusing on drawing and painting, mixed media and 3D. Our provision, smaller group sizes and specialist teaching enables students to work on activities that cannot always be accessed within a mainstream classroom. The Art programme allows projects to be personalised helping to develop a sense of ownership, build confidence and raise self- esteem.

  • Primary students access Art an an important cross-curricular enrichment activity encompassing learning about the current topic for the half-term.
  • KS3 students benefit from accreditation through the AQA Unit Award Scheme.
  • KS4 students study the AQA GCSE Art and Design (full and short course) depending on attendance and provision for the individual student.

Formative assessment will include baseline testing on arrival followed by periodic assessment in class for each topic. Students receive ongoing feedback on their work, with half-termly targets set for them to improve.

GCSE work is assessed according to the set criteria. The course consists of 2 portfolio units (80%) and a controlled task (20%).

The course is portfolio based. Students will be offered extra opportunities to sessions to complete coursework through the year but are encouraged to complete homework to allow for the best outcomes at GCSE.