Physical Education



Students at the ILC benefit from a wide range of physical activity. Experienced PE staff often take students off-site to complete their PE lessons along with access to the Isle of Wight College gymnasium, Futsal 5-a-side football facilities in addition to the Duke of Edinburgh and other PE lessons.


  • Primary students access PE lessons as a whole group led by experienced staff and forms not only part of their physical fitness and health, but other important skills such as team-building, resilience, turn taking and other social skills.
  • KS3 students access PE and other offsite activities as part of their weekly timetable.
  • Students in KS4 study  BTEC – Sport and Active Leisure – Level 1 with an overview as follows;

Unit 4 – Taking Part in Sport

This unit will be looking at 2 different genres of sport, Individual and Team – Students will engage in two different versions of each: Hill Walking and  Mountain Biking then Football and Basketball. After engaging successfully in all of these activities, students will need to review and evaluate their performance in each of these sports as well as point out significant skills techniques and elements within these sports.

Unit  10 – Taking Part in Exercise and Fitness

This unit focusses on initially looking at the different forms of fitness as well as the different facilities around the Isle of Wight, therefore a fair amount of research will have to be done to ensure a good standard of work is done. The next step of this module is to develop student’s fitness through engaging in several activities. To complete the unit students will have to analyse and criticise their own performance.

Unit 11 – How the Body Works

How the Body Works is exactly what this module looks at, it is a research paper where students will be required to investigate into several key elements of your body’s functions. Students will be asked to research: The Skeleton and Muscle Systems, The Lungs, The Heart and what we put into our body to make it work effectively.

Unit 12 – Planning Own Fitness Programme

In the Planning Own Fitness Programme module students will be not just looking at different types of fitness styles but also different types of fitness assessments. Students will then engage in those assessments and then evaluate their scores. After a four week period of engaging in fitness boosting activities that students set for themselves they will then attempt the six assessment tests that they did at the start of the unit and then assess how well they did in relation to their baseline scores.