Our primary provision consists of three classes Apple Tree, Oak Tree and Willow Tree.

Apple Tree has students who need more sensory play and kinaethetic provison, Oak Tree accommodates students with a more academic timetable with high levels of nurture and support and Willow Tree supports students with highly complex needs with bespoke nurturing programmes.

Students in Apple Tree (EYFS – KS1) follow bespoke individual programmes of learning differentiated to their own level and ability. The primary teachers, HLTAs, TAs and 1:1 support staff from home schools skilfully support each student with a mixture of nurturing support, developmental and sensory play, social skills and their individual learning in literacy, numeracy and other subjects.

All primary students benefit from the Abacus numeracy scheme and Phonics Bug/Bug Club literacy and phonics schemes.

Please click the link below to view/download the topic web for primary provision for this half-term.

Autumn Term 2 Topic Web