Students in KS3 study an engaging scheme of work combining practical work and theory drawn from the key topics within KS3. This is designed to fill gaps in their learning, re-engage them in science, build confidence and prepare them for success at GCSE level. Students benefit from specialist teaching in appropriately resourced classrooms and science is timetabled for students each day.

At KS4 the department currently offers AQA Combined Science (Trilogy). This course is engaging, covers the material in an accessible manner and includes many opportunities for practical work. It applies scientific ideas to real world contexts to ensure students recognise the value of what they are learning. Throughout the course time is invested in ensuring students understand basic scientific concepts and develop the ability to apply literacy and numeracy skills in their work.

Students’ progress is assessed via formative assessment which includes baseline testing on arrival followed by periodic assessment in class for each topic. Students receive ongoing feedback on their work in Science, which includes setting targets for them to improve which are reviewed each half-term.

The AQA GCSE course is assessed by six final exams in total, two each for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Each exam is 1 hour and 15 minutes in length and they are weighted equally. There is no longer a coursework element to GCSE science and the required practical element of the course is assessed through these exams.

Science is taught discretely in KS2 overseen by the Lead Teacher for Science and follows a modified national curriculum in order to engage and enthuse our younger students giving them a broad and balanced curriculum.