Management Committee

Who are we?

The Management Committee is made up of Staff, Teachers from Island Schools and the Isle of Wight College, Community members and Local Authority governors. Miss J Boxx, the Headteacher is also on the Management Committee.

Currently the members are:

  • Grainne Andrews – Chair of the Management Committee (Community) (4 year term ending 14/04/2021)
  • J Boxx – Head Teacher, Island Learning Centre (Staff)
  • Stephanie Hyde – (Parent) (4 year term ending 25/03/2024)
  • Elizabeth Grainger – Head Teacher, Federation of the Church Schools of Shalfleet and Yarmouth (Community) (4 year term ending 10/01/2021)
  • Natalie Woods – (Staff) (4 year term ending 25/03/2024)
  • Sharon Stewart – Clerk to the Management Committee
  • Samantha Rooney – Head of Foundation Learning and High Needs, Isle of Wight College (Community) (4 year term ending …)
  • Rachael Wright – Island Learning Centre (Staff) (4 year term ending 10/11/2022)
  • Lesley Walters – Vice Principal, The Bay CE School (4 year term ending 27/9/2021)
  • Paul Chivers – (… )(4 year term ending 22/1/2024)

Register of Business Interest

Who decides how many members of the Management Committee there should be?

The Island Learning Centre has an instrument of Governance approved by the Local Authority and in line with legal requirements for the following spaces:

  • One parent member
  • One local authority member
  • Three staff members
  • Eight community members

When do they meet?

The Management Committee have meetings every half term, generally on a Wednesday after school. New dates are set in the summer term for the following academic year and the dates for 2020-21 are:

  • 08th July 2020
  • 30th September 2020
  • 18th November 2020
  • 20th January 2021
  • 24th March 2021
  • 19th May 2021
  • 25th June 2021

Attendance Register

What does the Management Committee do?

The Management Committee has a strategic role, setting out and monitoring the aims and objectives of the Island Learning Centre to ensure students are safe, have their needs met and receive a good standard of education.

The Management Committee is responsible for financial and budgetary decisions and specifically to ensure that decisions are made in the best interest of students.

The Management Committee also has the responsibility for the recruitment and management of the staff at the Island Learning Centre.

The Management Committee when appointing community members must first seek to appoint representatives from local schools. This school representation on the Management Committee helps to ensure that the needs of students are better met and help build continuity and raise progress and standards in their educational attainment.

How to contact the Management Committee?

Any correspondence, should be sent to the Clerk of the Management Committee c/o The Island Learning Centre, Albany Road, Newport, Isle of Wight, PO30 5HZ.