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The Island Learning Centre


Financial Information

See the link below to access the Schools Financial Benchmarking webpage for the Island Learning Centre.

Pupil Premium


Pupil Premium funding was introduced in April 2011 as additional funding to the main school budget to support Children in Care (CiC) and those children eligible for Free School meals (FSM).  This funding now also extends to children from Service Families.  It is up to the school to determine how the funding is used but its primary aim is to support some of our more vulnerable learners.  As a school, we continually strive to ensure that teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all our students.  Not all of these students are eligible for FSM and so the school will, at times, use the funding to support a wider range of students who have been identified as vulnerable or disadvantaged in some way.

2020 – 2021

The Pupil Premium will be used to support a range of interventions and initiatives, including:


  • Reading/Spelling (SOUND training for reading) 1-1 Intervention
  • Home tutoring (1-1 tuition)
  • Link courses with external providers
  • Nurture group work at KS3
  • Outreach support
  • Virtual learning access


Click below to download our provision map or pupil premium spending.

Provision Map



It is the headteacher’s responsibility to produce termly reports to the Governors’ School Management Committee, highlighting progress and impact.  Pupil Premium is now a standing item of relevant Governor Agendas.

Parental Contact

Any parental queries regarding the Pupil Premium Grant should be directed to the Head Teacher.